Individual Poverty Blog

A lack of education is a system that keeps people in poverty. Now it is very important that you get a high school diploma, as well as a college degree. Some people can find jobs with just a high school diploma, but it may not be the job of their dreams. Some people may have a college degree, but it may not be up to the standards of one of their co-workers. In this case changes may be made where they switch positions and don’t get paid as much as they use to. Do to a recession some people are getting laid off, which affects them financially if they have no other source of income coming in. They no longer have a way of providing the necessities needed for themselves and their family. Instead of eating a healthy meal they may be forced to eat fast food instead. I now see why my parents stress how important a good education is. Not only should I complete high school with great academics, but I should also move on and get a college degree.


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