Individual Component: One Night

The driving question to this project is what are the true costs of one night? Many may have their own opinion of the dangers of one night, but I chose to focus on teen pregnancy.  Some teen girls become pregnant intentional and some unintentional. Many teens aren’t aware of the life changing consequences of having sex at such a young age can bring. In middle school, there are speakers who come in during the year to speak to those taking health and PE, to inform them of contraceptives, STDs and other consequences of not practicing safe sex. Throughout this project I learned various facts about teen pregnancy, as well as facts about STDs and the dangers of online dating.  Some teens and adults use online dating services and other social media websites to find a significant other. When they meet someone online 30% consider meeting the person face-to-face and only 18% will let an adult know if they are a teen. Never knowing what may happen that one night. Some may become infected with a STD that is easy to cure with antibiotics and some face life threatening STDs, such as HIV/AIDS. I learned that the three most common STDs include chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea. If you are infected with a STD or think that you are don’t hesitate to go get tested, the sooner the better. Not only should you go to your local clinic to get yourself tested, but you should inform you current partner and past partners of your infection, so they can go get tested, as well. Overall while gathering research and just thinking about the dangers of one night, it makes me realize how precious life is. How one night could change your life forever.


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