Public Health Article

This week I read an article about improving health outcomes. According to the article, The American Medical Association is developing a new professional movement towards pursuing a healthier community and lowering health care costs. AMA is also working towards preventing heart disease and type 2 diabetes. They believe that by focusing on health, as well as medical care, and improving the links between clinics and the community through strategies and collaboration. From the article I have learned that cardiovascular disease, is the leading cause of death in the United States. AMA plans to prevent such diseases, by addressing heart disease and strokes by looking into high blood pressure. They are improving health outcomes by helping individuals who are receiving medical attention for hypertension, but don’t quite have their blood pressure under control. I personally think that everyone should focus on their health, especially if its not in good condition. They should take pride in their health. According to the article, more than half of preventable heart disease and stroke deaths  happen to individuals under the age of 65. Blacks are nearly twice as likely as whites to die form preventable heart disease and strokes. Also, nearly 59 million persons representing 25 percent of the adult population have been treated for hypertension.


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