STD Free Write

Yesterday’s STD exercise was pretty intense, but also fun. Everyone wanted to go up first so they had a better chance at getting a tube that didn’t contain the STD. For me I did not get that chance; I just chose a tube from the 5 that were left. After I got the tube I was hoping I didn’t have the infected tube. When I was mixing with people I felt like I was going to catch the disease, because it seemed so real. I came across someone who needed a 4th person to combine fluids with, so then instead of swamping fluids with 4 people, I swamped with 5. After that 5th person I just knew I was the one who liquid would turn pink. Waiting for the test I was nervous, just like it was the real thing. When I went up to get tested I covered up my tube so no one could see, but when I saw it was clear I was relieved. This was definitely a lesson learned, because this was just an activity, but my life is the real thing, you only get one life. This shows me how STDs are real and you can get them.


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