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Answering the driving question “Why might our generation not live as long as our parents’ generation;” I would say that there are loads of answers to the question. Answers to this question could be determined based on personal experiences, research or just a person’s own opinion, thoughts and ideas. Personally I feel that there are many factors that attribute to why we may not live as long as our parents’ generations. It varies from obesity, stress, peer pressure, violence and even the number one killer of teens today, fatal car crashes. There are many people and organizations that play a major role towards ensuring that teens know the facts and consequences of their actions. The government plays a part, the school system, parents and changes in culture and lifestyles.

Some believe that the government should play a roll in the lives of young children and teens, while others believe that it is not their responsibility. For example, in class we had a debate on whether the government should advertise products sold by fast food companies or different types of cereal and snacks that are unhealthy for kids. Half the class debated that the government should get involved, because as we see parents are not monitoring the foods their kids are consuming; causing the obesity rate among young people to increase tremendously.

Normally, you would think that only adults stress over things, but that is not necessarily true. In today’s society, teens probably stress more than their parents. Before you could get a decent job that pays well without having a college degree, but times have change. It is now hard to get a job with just a high school diploma. Teens now stress over schoolwork, requirements to get into college, jobs, relationships, and personal situations. Some teens don’t exactly know how to handle everything that they take on or even unexpected things that happen in their life, such as death.

Parents have a lot on their plates, as well. They are responsible for feeding, clothing, providing shelter, a steady income and much more. There are times where parents may feel that they are unappreciated and taken for granted. There are times where they can prevent us from making mistakes and correcting the ones we do make. One of a parents wish is being able to tell their child that there is no bad in the world, but unfortunately that is far from true. Even as a parent and having lived the things teens go through today, its still hard preventing car accidents and death. Lately, many teens have been dying due to suicide, violence and fatal car accidents. Parents can some times prevent such tragedies from happening, but not always, since parents are sometimes the last to know what is really going on in their child’s life.

Life changing experiences can be difficult for anyone, but it mainly affects younger kids and teens the most. Whether its transferring schools, moving from one state to another, or if your parents split up. There are times when such incidents happen unexpectedly and we can’t quite prepare for them. Unfortunately, life is unfair and we never know what might happen and when it may happen. Life is nothing but change. Whether it’s for better or for worse. I have learned that life goes on. If you lose someone close to you or you have to move, you have to adjust to it.

In conclusion, there is more then one solution to the driving question. There are a lot of answers that tie into why our generation may not live as long as our parents. If we know the facts or some sort of idea in why we won’t we should work towards fixing the problem. Obesity for example, can be controlled and alter. Those who are obese can put an end to it. Exercising, drinking plenty of water, choosing a healthier diet and sticking with it is a way in which you can do so. Violence can also be put to an end. Encouraging others to do the right thing, not getting caught up into peer pressure, standing up for what you believe in and know is right. If everyone comes together and help each other reach their goals and cope with stress and life changing situations, maybe our generation could out live our parents generation.


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