CMA Environment

The environment at CMA makes me feel somewhat healthy. I took gym last year so it was required for me to exercise. I am now enrolled in Team Sports, which we do something called a 100 day challenge. This challenge requires you to choose an exercise, such as sit-ups and do that exercise everyday for whatever day it is. For example, on day 1, you will do 1 sit-up, day 2, you will do 2 sit-ups, day 3, you will do 3 sit-ups and so forth. Personally the only thing about CMA, that makes me feel healthy is exercising in gym and walking up flights of stairs everyday. When it comes to the food they serve in the cafeteria I don’t feel healthy. Most of the times I don’t eat school lunch. Sometimes I will get a slice of pizza or some peaches. I usually bring my own lunch from home. I think that I am doing pretty good, because I bring things like salads or whatever my mother or I cooked for dinner that night. Also just because you do some type of exercise at school, because you have gym or team sports, doesn’t necessarily make you healthy. What about all the other kids who are not in these classes at the time?


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