If I Had A Choice…

If I had a choice on what would be served in the cafeteria it would be to everyones liking. I would have different food stations that pleases everyone. Restaurants, such as Chick-fil-a, Cookout, Bojangles, Chinese Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant, Jamaican Restaurant, Italian Restaurant and other authentic foods. I would even have a salad bar, where you could prepare your own salad or an actual restaurant where you tell the employee working what you want on it and they make it for you. What would also be nice is an organic section to go along with the salad bar. Before I construct this new cafeteria plan I would first create surveys or ask around school, to get an idea on what kinds of restaurants students, teachers and other staff members would enjoy having in the cafeteria. That way everyone has at least something they can eat and actually enjoy. Thinking about this prompt actually reminds me of what our school cafeteria was suppose to look like and consist of. We were suppose to have an actual cafeteria with different restaurants. If I had a choice I would make sure money is budget sufficiency that way my dream cafeteria can be fulfilled to everyones liking.


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