American Obesity

I know that if its not violence that kills young people, its obesity. There are many people in todays society that haven’t even reached their twenties and they already suffer from diabetes. Some individuals have to be more careful in what they eat and drink, because such things like diabetes may run in their family making them more at a risk than others. This generation is more lazy, because there are video games, the internet, cell phones etc., that keeps us in the house instead of going outside to get fresh air. If we don’t play any sports or participate in any form of physical activities in school, chances are we will never exercise. Most individuals young and old know they need to exercise, eat more healthier and stop smoking, but it takes motivation and thats where we fail. I personally know that I’m not in the best shape, but if it wasn’t for gym class I would never really exercise. I need the motivation,whether I’m being graded for it or my parents are pushing me to work for a better, healthier lifestyle. One thing that I have notice is that if you physically look obese, then society says that your out of shape, but if your not obese than your still in good health, but thats not necessarily true. Some individuals have a fast metabolism, which allows them to eat without getting full, but eventually it will catch up to them. Honestly, I feel that whether your obese or not you should still exercise and maintain a healthy diet.


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