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Do you know the meaning of globalization? What about how it affects the people of countries all over the world? Did you know that globalization could potentially cause a pandemic? If you don’t know the answer to any of these, Ill start by saying that globalization is the worldwide movement toward economic, financial, trade, and communications integration. Also a pandemic is an outbreak of a disease over a whole country or even the world.

Globalization can have a positive affect on people of a society, but it also can cause harm. For example, globalization allows countries to buy and sell goods to one another. If one country is low on supply of vaccines, food or anything of that nature globalization allows these countries to trade. Also globalization is good for communication. The best way to alert others of a new vaccine, a change in the healthcare, or information about the government this is the best way to go about it. According to Globalization101, technology also plays a key role in globalization. Technology has improved economic life, where consumers, investors, and business have been gaining new helpful tools for identifying and pursuing economic opportunities. The down fall about globalization and being able to trade goods and communicate with one another is that it could possibly lead to another pandemic. Pandemics are very serious, in which they cause millions of people to become ill and sometime die. For example, if people in one country have a disease and they happen to have a job handling and shipping food to neighbor countries– they sneeze, and now the food being shipped off is contaminated.

My reasoning for this connection is that globalization can be a helpful tool, when it comes to transporting items to neighboring countries, but it can also be a harmful thing. No one wants to be suffering day to day with a disease that could become fatal; therefore globalization shouldn’t be taken lightly. There should be ways where we can help one another, without causing them to get sick. Where masks, gloves, and keep our hands clean. It wouldn’t be good to see a valuable tool go bad.





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