What Did I Learn This Unit

In this unit I learned about epidemics, pandemics and globalization. I learned that epidemics are widespread diseases in a community at a certain point in time. Pandemics are diseases that spread over a whole country or even the world. Globalization is a worldwide spread toward economics, finance and communications. In class we had a discussion where we talked about whether or not globalization should still occur even though it may cause another pandemic. Thats when I  learned that globalization affects pandemics, whereas communicating back and forth and trading goods can be dangerous. One of the main causes of the spread of diseases is through communicating, therefore communicating information can be hazardous. I also learned that individuals working towards stopping the spread of diseases first look outwards and then focus inward. They want to know what is causing diseases and who all is being infected first and then they begin to focus on their own country.


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