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Public Health is the science and art of protecting and improving the health of communities through education, promoting a healthy way of living and research for disease and injury prevention. The purpose of public health is to improve the health and well being of individuals in local communities throughout the world. There are many careers in public health such as, a nutritionist, dental hygienist, health inspectors etc. These different occupations ensure that the food we intake and how we live our daily lives are lived in a healthy way. With this being said public health can be controversial. For example, some people don’t want others telling them what they can eat, how much of it they can consume and basically how to live their life.

When I think of controversy, I think of situations that can cause a debate. One way in which public health can be controversial, is when it comes to the government getting involved. Many people may feel that the government isn’t doing anything to improve the health care of individuals in the community and throughout the world. This could cause a debate on whether or not the government should get involved or not. It could also cause a debate on whether the government is doing something to improve the health care of individuals or not. Public Health can be controversial when religious beliefs get involved, as well. For example, some people don’t believe in sex before marriage, therefore they may not believe in the use of birth control. On the other end their may be individuals who don’t care about waiting until marriage or think that birth control is a great contraceptive to prevent pregnancy in young girls. If a topic is focus on improving the health of people in local communities and across the world, also working to prevent disease and injury, then it is related to public health and its controversial.


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