Introspection Post

Three areas in the past, where I’ve might have been scored at below or approaching standard is when I occasionally waste time. Sometimes when I get a project I just can’t focus right away and I may need time to go home and come up with some ideas. There are times where the teacher may ask each group to set a schedule for who does what and when it should be done, but myself and the group members doesn’t follow it closely. Also I take the time to discuss how the team will work together as a group but not into depth, just when there happens to be a problem with working together and getting the job done.

My resolution on how I intend to function as a part of a team in this class is by learning from my past group experiences. Whenever I get a project I will try and focus on the project given and come up with some ideas with my group. I will make sure my group members and myself follow all schedules, so we don’t miss any deadlines. I will also make sure as a group we are all on the same page from the very beginning, so at the end we will have had a great working experience and a wonderful project that we can all be proud of. 🙂


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