Weekly Reporter

Last week, in class we got into groups of 3 to 4 to work on our projects. This project is worth 20% of our final grade this semester and we must come up with our own driving question to answer. To give us some ideas we watched a video about poverty and how it could possibly shorten your life span. In our groups we came up with some ideas, such as education, poor sanitation, low paying jobs etc. As a class, we discussed these ideas and with them we chose one from the list given and worked towards coming up with a driving question. After we came up with a few interviewing/survey questions we passed them on to a peer of another group and got their feedback. With the feedback given each group was responsible for going back and improving their driving question if necessary. We also did some research, filming and any other activities needed towards our final product.


Individual Poverty Blog

A lack of education is a system that keeps people in poverty. Now it is very important that you get a high school diploma, as well as a college degree. Some people can find jobs with just a high school diploma, but it may not be the job of their dreams. Some people may have a college degree, but it may not be up to the standards of one of their co-workers. In this case changes may be made where they switch positions and don’t get paid as much as they use to. Do to a recession some people are getting laid off, which affects them financially if they have no other source of income coming in. They no longer have a way of providing the necessities needed for themselves and their family. Instead of eating a healthy meal they may be forced to eat fast food instead. I now see why my parents stress how important a good education is. Not only should I complete high school with great academics, but I should also move on and get a college degree.

Life Expectancy Free Write

Some factors of a life in poverty that could reduce life expectancy is mildew or mold. People living in poverty may have pets that live in the house who may urine and have bowel movements inside the house and  they don’t clean it up property. There could be many people living in the house on top of each other spreading germs and contaminating others in the house, as well as objects in the house. A bill may of not been paid such as the electricity bill, causing whatever food or drinks, such as milk to spoil and fume the house. What if the water bill doesn’t get paid? Individuals in the house then can’t take a shower and wash off any germs, they can’t brush their teeth or wash their face. Some other factors contributing in a shorter life expectancy of people living in poverty includes stress, poor eating habits and a lack of money.

Obesity Free Write

Some factors that contribute to the American obesity rate is fast food and always being on the go. There are some who eat fast food everyday or every other day, because it taste good or their to lazy to fix a more healthier meal. Adults are sometimes to busy with work and other activities that they get home to late to make healthy meals for their family. When your always on the go you don’t have time to stop home and prepare a meal. Instead you are obligated to order from fast food restaurants, despise the consequences poor eating choices may have on you later on.

City Maps

Babies born to mothers in Maryland’s Montgomery County and Virginia’s Arlington and Fairfax Counties are expected to live six to seven years longer than babies born to mothers in Washington, D.C. Downtown in Washington, D.C., babies have about 6 to 7 year difference of life expectancy. Those living near French Quarter in New Orleans, Lousiana have about 55 years to live compared to those living near Naverre who have about 80 years to live. Babies born to mothers in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota and babies born to mothers in San Joaquin Valley, California have a higher expectancy to live than those in Washington, D.C., New Orleans, Louisiana and Kansas City, Missouri. I find it interesting that 3 miles could equal up to a 13-year life span difference.


I actually enjoyed the SPENT Stimulation, because it gave me a change to see how it feels to live on a budget. It gave me an idea of what parents go through to provide for themselves and their children. This stimulation seems to be helpful for the future and college expenses that will be coming up soon. There were some situations they gave me where my morals wouldn’t let me do the wrong thing, such as taking someone $10 that dropped out their pocket. I did feel bad for hitting the park car and driving away though. I had children and I had to think about them, as well so I wanted to give them the best life I could by giving them nice meals, nice shoes and the opportunity of playing an after-school sport. Overall I think I did a pretty good job budgeting and giving my child many opportunities. My family and I survived the month with $173 left.

Individual Component: One Night

The driving question to this project is what are the true costs of one night? Many may have their own opinion of the dangers of one night, but I chose to focus on teen pregnancy.  Some teen girls become pregnant intentional and some unintentional. Many teens aren’t aware of the life changing consequences of having sex at such a young age can bring. In middle school, there are speakers who come in during the year to speak to those taking health and PE, to inform them of contraceptives, STDs and other consequences of not practicing safe sex. Throughout this project I learned various facts about teen pregnancy, as well as facts about STDs and the dangers of online dating.  Some teens and adults use online dating services and other social media websites to find a significant other. When they meet someone online 30% consider meeting the person face-to-face and only 18% will let an adult know if they are a teen. Never knowing what may happen that one night. Some may become infected with a STD that is easy to cure with antibiotics and some face life threatening STDs, such as HIV/AIDS. I learned that the three most common STDs include chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea. If you are infected with a STD or think that you are don’t hesitate to go get tested, the sooner the better. Not only should you go to your local clinic to get yourself tested, but you should inform you current partner and past partners of your infection, so they can go get tested, as well. Overall while gathering research and just thinking about the dangers of one night, it makes me realize how precious life is. How one night could change your life forever.